Elegant atmosphere and luxurious italian lifestyle welcome the visitors of Borgospesso Interiors which is located in the heart of the fashion district in Milan, one of the most famous shopping streets worldwide.

Borgospesso Interiors Srl
Via Borgospesso 18, 20121 Milan – Italy

Phone: +39 02 798539
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Born in 1971 in Seregno, Claudio Cappellini has started exploring art after his artistic education and travels abroad.

During the adolescence, the artist worked in his family company helping his father in making high-level furniture. This experience had a significant influence on his career.

He used to combine business travels with visits to the best art shows and fashion exhibitions worldwide, that made him familiar with new trends and special fabrics.

He is primarily a self-taught artist. He learnt an excellent know-how of finishings and manufacturing techniques working side by side with skilled masters.

In particular, Mother-of-pearl wood-lacquer and Resin are his favorite finishings, mostly used on the top of CC’s luxury tables.

The Artistís manual skills, his extraordinary creativity and intuition allows him to create unique pieces of art with a cosmopolitan taste. The artwork finds its expression in the abstraction of forms that join the world of colour capturing light.

Polymateric shapes and Monochromatic tones are the constant key themes of the Artist.

The artistic feeling of Claudio is unconventional: It consists of unique artworks, whose main feature is a combination of elements, such as wood, ceramic, glass, plaster with precious materials.

For some creations Claudio Cappellini focused on the colours, shapes thanks to carved surfaces and three-dimensional raw materials to enhance the emotion of a moment: the artist combines sculpture with painting reminding of nature, animal world and ancestral cultures.