Elegant atmosphere and luxurious italian lifestyle welcome the visitors of Borgospesso Interiors which is located in the heart of the fashion district in Milan, one of the most famous shopping streets worldwide.

Borgospesso Interiors Srl
Via Borgospesso 18, 20121 Milan – Italy

Phone: +39 02 798539
E mail: info@borgospessointeriors.com

Open Mon  14-19
Thu-Sat 10-13 _ 14-19

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A house with blurred borders

between interior and exterior: a

bedroom with a strong, modern

and sophisticated touch,

surrounded by sea and by a

magnificent landscape.

The bedroom designed by Cornelio

Cappellini is made with finishes

and materials not only

sophisticated and unique but also

characterized by special shades

that recall the outdoor


VISION bed; LINEUP chest ; LINEUP night table

“Lineup” collection is characterized by

the combination of a refined frosted brass

structure and an exclusive top realized with

sophisticated marbles

LINEUP chest

LINEUP night table